*2019 Crossing Stats Available Visit: https://smartbordercoalition.com/blog/facts-and-figures
WAIT TIMES INTO THE U.S. San Ysidro - All Traffic: Vehicles: 0:50 Pedestrians: 0:25 Ready Lanes: Vehicles: 0:30 Pedestrians: no delay Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: 0:15
Otay Mesa - All Traffic: Vehicles: 0:20 Pedestrians: no delay Ready Lanes: Vehicles: 0:20 Pedestrians: Lanes Closed Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: 0:10 Cargo Standard: 0:40 Cargo FAST: 0:10
Tecate - All Traffic: Vehicles: Lanes Closed Pedestrians: Lanes Closed Ready Lanes: Vehicles: N/A Pedestrians: N/A Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: N/A
WAIT TIMES INTO MEXICO Tijuana - I-5: No Wait I-805: No Wait

Tijuana Air Cargo & Logistics Park

Category: Technology and Innovation

Tijuana Air Cargo & Logistics Park

“Mexico and Latin America’s Gateway to Asia Pacific”

Prepared for Smart Border Coalition Stakeholders Working Committee San Diego Foundation, 2508 Historic Decatur Rd., Ste 200

Presenters: Carlos Bustamante of Matrix/Grupo Bustamante Alan Bersin of BorderWorks Advisors