*2019 Crossing Stats Available Visit: https://smartbordercoalition.com/blog/facts-and-figures
WAIT TIMES INTO THE U.S. San Ysidro - All Traffic: Vehicles: 2:00 Pedestrians: 2:00 Ready Lanes: Vehicles: 1:40 Pedestrians: no delay Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: 0:20
Otay Mesa - All Traffic: Vehicles: 1:20 Pedestrians: 0:50 Ready Lanes: Vehicles: 1:15 Pedestrians: N/A Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: 0:15 Cargo Standard: 0:25 Cargo FAST: 0:20
Tecate - All Traffic: Vehicles: 0:50 Pedestrians: no delay Ready Lanes: Vehicles: N/A Pedestrians: N/A Sentri Lanes: Vehicles: N/A
WAIT TIMES INTO MEXICO Tijuana - I-5: 0:07 I-805: No Wait

Economic Impacts of Wait Times

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Congestion at border crossings between San Diego County and Baja California causes more delay and travel time uncertainty for cars, trucks and pedestrians than at any time in history. Steady growth in global and regional economic integration squeezes ever more people and goods through border infrastructure that was sized for a much smaller and radically less security- conscious economy.